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Course Descriptions


LIB 800 Organization & Administration of School Media Center (3 hours)

A course designed to instruct students in the philosophy, objectives, and administration of the media center in elementary and secondary schools. (10 clinical hours required).

LIB 801 Educational Technologies (3 hours)

A course designed for teacher leaders to research current issues, integrate educational technology and provide leadership in technology planning, applications, and assessments for P-12 educational settings. (10 clinical hours required).

LIB 802 Young Adult Literature and Resources (3 hours)

A course designed for teachers and school media librarians working with adolescents and young adults. Literature and resources appropriate for school curricula and encouraging reading among adolescents and young adults ten years and older will be explored. (10 clinical hours required).

LIB 805 Advanced Children’s Literature and Resources (3 hours)

Characteristics of good reading for children; types and evaluation of literature; use of materials for curricular and leisure needs; correlation of book and non-book materials. For librarians and teachers. (10 clinical hours required).

LIB 821 Information Literacy (3 hours)

Introduction to information literacy skills and services in school libraries. Emphasis on information search process methodologies and information search applications, including: cataloging, reference interview process, print and electronic resource evaluation, collection development and search techniques. (10 clinical hours required).

LIB 831 Organization and Access (3 hours)

Study of the principles and practices of describing, representing, organizing, accessing, and retrieving information. Examines the operations, process, tools, and methods in some major information systems.

LIB 841 Information System Design and Development for School Librarians. (3 hours)

Prerequisite: LIB 801. This course builds the skills needed to structure, store, process, access, and present information in a Web environment for P-12 school settings. It will typically cover the design of Web sites, Web coding using HTML, and Web authoring tools.

LIB 870 P-12 School Media Librarian Practicum (3 hours)

Pre-requisite: Permission of faculty required prior to enrolling in practicum. Field-based experience (elementary, middle grade, or secondary) under a certified school media librarian. (100 clinical hours required).

This page reflects the 2017-2018 EKU Online program requirements and courses. For more information, see the EKU Graduate School catalog.

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